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how to add streamlabs bot to twitch

Streamlabs offers a variety of plugins that have neat functionality for your stream. I really like the ease of use and the quick deployment of tools like chat, alerts and donation button. Fantastic user interface and website that guides you through the process of setting up a successful live stream. The only thing I dislike about this software is I have a https://www.metadialog.com/ bit of difficulty with trying to separate different audio tracks. As someone that edits my own recordings and wanting to separate the tracks for editing purposes it can be a struggle to divide the audio of certain programs. An example is trying to separate a Discord audio call from a video game’s audio and my microphone, giving 3 separate audio tracks.

The customization after you first choose the themes you want for your channel is non-existent unless you deal with their paywall. As someone who is cheap and hates paywalls, I have found ways around it that aren’t exactly the easiest to work with, but for now, it’ll do. If you hate how to add streamlabs bot to twitch paywalls yourself, understand SLOBS definitely has one even though they market themselves as free. Listen here, and check out the brilliant video for Breathe, above. MONETISING YOUR STREAM MATE

To unlock the two inbuilt ways to monetise your stream you need to become an affiliate.

One Of The Best Streaming/Recording Programs

The chat interactivity is unlike any other program I’ve seen. You set the commands you want, and it is pretty intuitive to use. For extra support – or if you don’t have a friend to help you out – you can set up a bot to do your moderation for you. Using these bots, you can set up a list of banned words – for example, hateful language, racial slurs, homophobic or transphobic speech – that you don’t want to be spoken in your chat. StreamElements, Streamlabs, and NightBot are moderation bots that are all easy to use and easy to connect to your channel through OBS. Check out the video from Baron on our ‘How to take part’ page to find out how.


You can use Streamlabs Elements, SLOBS, chatbot and much more. Every week Signal Committee present an Eclectic Picks playlist. You’ll need a Nightbot account, a Streamlabs account (both free), your Streamer Sub Alert Link (you can create it here) and a text editor for copy & pasting a few numbers. With respond to testing events toggled on, InstructBot will generate triggers whenever you cause a donation event using the StreamLabs Dashboard. Once toggle on the next time you connect you’ll be asked to authenticate with you StreamLabs account, have a look here for more information. If you are already connected you must re-connect before the changes will take effect.

Switching Services

The Shaderfilter has a ton of shaders you can use to improve the quality of your stream such as the rainbow effect. Another use I have is the VHS effect which is applied to the slideshow on my StartingSoon scene. It makes the slideshow feel more animated and it really pops out. You can of course do a lot more but download it from here to give it a go. Just be careful of the .effect files as they can crash your OBS. Best way is to create the shaderfilter, add the effect file, close OBS and re-open and then enable the effect to avoid crashing.

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Utica-Afrique: Le temps à la diplomatie diplomatique.

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Easy to use, beginner friendly, a lot of functions, setup your donations, compatibile…. In my time using this software, I found it difficult to use because of it overloading my CPU and causing issues with my streams. In recent times, they have added many features that are stuck behind paywalls which makes it unappealing. There is a way to mass remove followers from your account on twitch but it must be used VERY carefully or you may end up deleting your entire follower count!

It’s ok to ban Trolls!

If you don’t have a stream deck this is the next best thing as a Streamlabs user – especially if you have cloudbot installed. InstructBot is a versatile, well designed and implemented piece of software that enables your viewers to control what happens in game. It is the single most audience engaging thing I have come across to date. With even more features coming in the near future – this looks like something which could enrich and redefine streaming for a lot of people, new or old to Twitch. Game” command shows the name of the game you’re playing in the chat. You can allow moderators to create a poll in your Twitch chat by entering the “!

Is Streamlabs better than OBS?

Is Streamlabs better than OBS? Streamlabs can be somewhat easier to use than OBS, but OBS uses fewer processing resources on your computer. All of OBS's features are also free to use, whereas Streamlabs has some of its best features only available on its paid plan.

The music is perfect for what I need but has been a terrible experience with no response other than its my youtube not being linked properly. Not even to the fact that they have stolen hundreds of dollars with no product to show for . Glitchy software at times and little to no customer support . To ban a user on twitch, simply type ‘/ban theirusername’ into your chat and they will be unable to post. It’s good practice to regularly go through and ban any known twitch follow bot users and twitch hate raid accounts. You can often find these lists on twitter, in Twitch Facebook groups and on reddit.

InstructBot is fully configurable and supports multiple games giving you the flexibility to choose what to your viewer can affect within the games you play. To set up a giveaway, log in to your Twitch account at the Nighbot site. There, you will see an eligibility list, a chat window, and a giveaway panel. You will see a form where you can edit the command’s name, message, userlevel, and cooldown. To delete a command, click the trash can icon beside it. Nightbot also allows you to personalize your experience – click “Add Command” and fill in the form to create a custom command.

how to add streamlabs bot to twitch

How do I find my bots token?

Fetching your bot's token

Once you've already created a bot, you can access the bot's page on the developer portal, and under the ‘Bot’ tab again, use the ‘Click to Reveal Token’ button under your bot username – alternatively, simply click ‘Copy’ and the token will be copied to your clipboard directly.

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